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FT Weekend

House & Home on 7 November 2015

Nikos Salvanos, 91, used to take three hours to bring supplies by caique (a traditional fishing boat) from the capital, Corfu Town, to the islands north; his boating genes came from Venetian ancestors. His son and grandson now operate powerboats that do the run in 15 minutes.

Harpers Bazaar

Helena Lee for Harpers Bazaar on 8 July 2015

Hire a boat from Filippos Boats (, and follow the gentle coastline of undulating rock to visit Nissaki, where you can dive and explore underwater caves, and Kalamaki beach, which is scarce of tourists and great for children. Stop off at Kalami, a little bay with a sandy beach where Lawrence Durrell lived with his wife at the White House (‘set like a dice on a rock already venerable with the scars of wind and water’), Agni and Kassiopi, a small port that is said to have been visited by the Roman emperor Nero and the philosopher Cicero.

Angels and Urchins Magazine

Winter Edition 2012

Looking back at the photos for this piece, God I look relaxed. That’s what Greece does for you. On arrival, you are transported to a place where the only things that are important are where your next meal is coming from and whether you have you got enough petrol in your boat to get to you to the next bay.

The Times UK

Mike Hume for The Times UK on 19 May 2012

Perhaps the most distinctive feature of this part of Corfu is that if you want to get about, you need a boat. Until modern times the shortage of roads meant that Corfiots had to sail around the north of the island. Roads or not, the boat is still the only way to travel. Several harbours are hard to reach by the steep, narrow, long-way-around roads, and some beaches only have sea access. The scenery looks doubly stunning from the sea, and even the driver can enjoy it without fear of bumping into a tree.

The Daily Mail

Mark Palmer for the Daily Mail on 11 May 2007

The Camerons, like us, rented their boat from Filippos. And a boat is far more important than a car. It means you can putter up and down the coast, stopping here and there to swim in deserted inlets, anchoring for an on-board picnic or enjoying lazy lunches at one of the many excellent seaside tavernas.

The Guardian

Paul Johnson for The Guardian on 20 March 2004

It was the boat that clinched it. It may have only been a tiny 25-horse-power model – a sort of Smart car in a sea of turbo-injected 4x4s. It may also have been a bit tricky getting used to – never mind mastering – the art of the smoothly exercised mooring. And we didn’t even mind that among flotillas of craft bearing pretentious names such as Annabell’s Stardust, Sunshine Sarava and Lady Araminta, ours was called Tom and Jeery (sic). What it did do was open up a whole new world: days of lazy meandering down the coast; lingering lunches at quayside tavernas; easy, sand-free, offshore bathing. And fun.

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